New Member Induction Packing List

This list is intended for Ordeal Candidates and Elangomats, and contains all the items to bring to your Ordeal! Please note: items marked with an asterisk (*) are REQUIRED.

*BSA Medical Form (Parts A & B)

Wear your Field Uniform (Class A) to the Ordeal.

Pack the following things in a backpack. You will be hiking long distances while carrying it, so keep that in mind when packing. This backpack will be the only thing you will be able to take with you on Friday night. You will not have access to the backpack from leaving your campsite on Saturday morning until Saturday evening.


*Sleeping Bag

*Water Bottle (with water)


*Work Gloves

*Rain Gear

*You must bring work clothes and sturdy boots when you come on Friday. You will be given an opportunity to change into these after the Call-Out.

Pack the following things in a duffel bag or other container. This container will be left at the dining hall. You will have access to this container on Saturday afternoon.

*Towel, washcloth, and shower shoes

*A change of clothes

*Personal hygiene items

Swimming trunks

*Field Uniform (Class A) (will be left in this container after changing Friday night)

*Personal tent

*Money for OA Trading Post

*Anything else you want to pack for a weekend at camp


Parent/Leaders Please Note:

BSA medical form—if your son attended Boy Scout Summer Camp, whether Camp McKee or another camp, his medical form would be returned to the troop and/or scoutmaster at the end of camp. Please check with your troop leader(s). No medical forms are kept at the scout office or at Camp McKee.