Unit Camping

Many people know that troops can come out to Camp McKee for summer camp. But did you know that your unit can hold events out at McKee when it’s not camp time? You can reserve a campsite or a cabin, such as Writt Lodge. You could run a program in your chosen area, or make use of McKee’s resources. Many troops come out and hike the Pioneer Mountain Trail. If you arrange for the required instructors and materials, you could even utilize the climbing tower, lake, or shooting ranges.

Click here to view a list of current reservations: http://www.bgbsa.org/document/camp-mckee-current-reservations/140595

When you’re ready to submit your reservation, use this form: http://www.bgbsa.org/document/camp-reservation-unit

If you are reserving camp for a large group (such as a district event), use this form: http://www.bgbsa.org/document/camp-reservation-groups

To pay for insurance, camp costs, etc., there are a few fees involved with using camp (which fees apply depends on which facilities you use). The great thing is that, if you’re a Scouting group, you get a discount! Click here to view a copy of the camp usage fees: http://www.bgbsa.org/document/camp-usage-fee/140198