Carter Caves State Resort Park

A beautiful natural setting and three caves set off this state resort park as a prime opportunity for camping. Four miles north of Olive Hill, KY, Carter Caves State Resort Park is tucked away in the mountains to provide a bit of solace to those who desire it. A naturalist is on duty to guide guests through the caves and through the surrounding wilderness. The campgrounds are open year-round.The state resort park is approximately one-thousand acres, and is noted for its cave system, which honeycombs through the hills. In addition to eight day hiking trails ranging from 0.1 miles to 10 miles, there are two cave tours available. The Cascade Cavern Tour, an hour-long leisurely walk, features the Counterfeiter’s Room, the “Hanging Gardens of Solomon,” and many other limestone formations. The X-Cave tour features a giant column, a pipe organ, and many other interesting geological features.
Phone Number: (606) 286-4411
Address: 344 Caveland Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164

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