Buffalo / Wah-La-Ha Trail

The Buffalo / Wah-La-Ha Trail system is a historical loop trail located in Frankfort, KY, and operated by Troop 269. The Buffalo Trail begins at the Old Capitol building in downtown Frankfort, and winds through the city and into the surrounding countryside. Parts of the trail follow the route that herd after herd of buffalo traveled in their search for salt licks. This trail also takes in the side of Fort Hill, used many times in defense of the trail and the city. The Wah-La-Ha Trail begins where the Buffalo Trail ends, and travels entirely along roads. It goes past the State Capitol, the Floral Clock, the Singing Bridge, and ends up at the start of the Buffalo Trail. The Buffalo / Wah-La-Ha Trail system is sponsored by Wah-La-Ha – Buffalo Trails, Inc. This organization makes medals and patches available to those who successfully complete one or both of the trails.

Approval is required prior to hiking the trail. One will need the “Official Trail Credentials,” a brochure made available by Wah-La-Ha – Buffalo Trails, Inc. This document is very informative about the history of the trails, and contains a detailed set of trail rules, information, and the questions one must answer along the trail in order to earn the patch. One may hike the Buffalo Trail, or the Wah-La-Ha Trail, or both. A full Scout uniform is required while hiking. Please use the below contact information for more information and for the Trail Credentials.

Buffalo Trail Length: 5.5 miles
Wah-La-Ha Trail Length: 7.0 miles

Phone Number: (502) 330-1146
Address: 760 E. Main St., Frankfort, KY 40601